Tax and Accounting Services from Acker Behl Accounting, LLC for the Business, the Individual and for the Non-Profit

We serve clients throughout Southeastern Wisconsin, including Waukesha, Lake Country and Milwaukee, with a variety of tax and accounting services.

We provide small business accounting services such as corporate tax returns, s-corporation tax returns and partnership tax returns. Need help managing your QuickBooks or Sage Peachtree accounting software? We also help small businesses by providing services such as bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, retirement plan annual reporting and more. We work with our client’s financial statements to show the profitability of their business and analyze of their business’s revenues and expenditures. We also help businesses when it is time to value the company and begin planning for succession.

We also work with non-profits throughout Waukesha and Milwaukee County. At Acker Behl Accounting, not-for-profit accounting and non-profit tax preparation are a daily part of the services we provide.

Acker Behl Accounting also serves the individual. Need help with your family’s tax return? We can help with preparation, multi-state filing, electronic filing and direct deposit of your tax refund. We can also prepare financial statements and gift tax returns as required.

For a full list of our services, see below. Have questions about something you see (or don’t see)? Contact us here.

For the Business

Business Setup: How do I set up my business?
• Business Plan / Goals
• Choosing an entity: sole proprietorship, S-Corp, LLC, Corporation
• Assessing the need for filing organizational documents
• Enrolling your company with the appropriate taxing authorities to obtain identification numbers
• Selecting, understanding, installation and training for accounting software such as QuickBooks or Sage Peachtree

Financial Statement Analysis: How do I measure the success of my business?
• Profitability Analysis
• Ratio Analysis
• Business Performance Measurement Services (Personalized Performance Dashboards)

Financial Reporting: How do I manage my business’s finances and accounting?
• Bookkeeping services, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and fixed asset management
• Financial Statement Preparation - monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
• Business Income Tax Planning and Preparation
• Multistate apportionment tax preparation
• Personal Property Tax Return Preparation
• Sales Tax compilation and preparation

Business Valuation and Succession Planning: What is my business worth and how do I sell or transfer it?
• Valuing of the business
• Selling / Closing the business
• Business Transfer within the family

For the Individual

Income Tax
• Planning
• Preparation
• Multi-State Filing
• Electronic Filing
• Direct Deposit of Tax Refund
• Preparation of Personal Financial Statements

Estate Tax
• Estate Tax Return Preparation
• Fiduciary Tax Return Preparation
• Gift Tax Return Preparation

For the Non-Profit
• Accounting for contributions from donors
• Financial Statement Preparation
• Functional expense classification
• Not-for-profit tax returns