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Company Bios:
Julie Acker, Certified Public Accountant

Julie Acker, Certified Public Accountant

Julie began her career in accounting after graduating from Carroll University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

She loves working with the Acker Behl Accounting clients. Julie ensures that all clients, no matter what service they come to Acker Behl Accounting for, receives a high level of customer service. She enjoys teaching clients how to use their accounting software and understand their financial statements, but she especially enjoys helping clients see their business grow.

When she’s not at Acker Behl Accounting, Julie enjoys spoiling her three dogs – a black Lab, English Pointer and German Shorthaired Pointer – and spending time with her husband, Erich. Julie and Erich travel as much as their schedules allow; their favorite locales are the mountains of Colorado and the sunny beaches of Mexico.

Julie is a Waukesha native: she and Erich are happy to still call it home. Julie also enjoys participating in weeknight volleyball leagues. Volleyball has become an “office sport” of sorts at Acker Behl Accounting, and you’ll find Julie on a team with additional members of Acker Behl Accounting.
Karen Behl, Certified Public Accountant

Karen Behl, Certified Public Accountant

Karen graduated from UW-Whitewater with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. She grew up treasuring her work in a small business atmosphere and enjoys providing the same small-business experience to the clients of Acker Behl Accounting.

Acker Behl Accounting treats each client, each business as its own. Karen loves to show to her clients that Acker Behl Accounting cares about their customers and looks at them as individuals. Karen’s favorite part of her day-to-day at Acker Behl Accounting is the variety – she never knows what types of projects she’ll be tackling from week to week. She enjoys helping clients solve their business problems.

In her free time (and when Wisconsin weather allows), Karen water-skis for the Badgerland Waterski Team. She joined the club through her husband, Chad. Karen and Chad also enjoy scuba diving whenever they can get away – the Florida Keys are a favorite location.

Like Julie, Karen plays league volleyball on various nights throughout the year. And, actually, it was “for the love of volleyball” that Acker Behl Accounting came to be. Years ago, Karen joined a league team that Julie was already on. Acker Behl Accounting is the result.
Steve Dombrock & Co., Certified Public Accountant

Steve Dombrock, Certified Public Accountant

Steve is originally from Chilton, Wisconsin and received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Carroll College. He’s lived in Waukesha for over 38 years, originally working for Boehck Equipment Co., Inc., working his way up in the company to Treasurer. In 1990, Steve started his own accounting firm, Steve Dombrock & Co. After 28 years of successful business, Steve sold his business on January 1, 2015 to Julie and Karen. He is looking forward to enjoying a semi-retirement, but is excited to continue to work with Julie and Karen servicing their clients.

Steve’s favorite aspect of accounting is the client relationship. He enjoys meeting clients, getting to know them and, most importantly, helping them with their accounting needs and income tax matters.

Steve and his wife, Laura, enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren. Steve and Laura had seven children and have seven grandchildren. Another important member of the family is Max, a gentle and friendly Labradoodle. He has also been the office greeter for the past eight years and still enjoys meeting and greeting clients when he gets to come to the office!

Now that Steve is looking toward retirement, he’s entertaining the idea of competing in triathlons and ½ marathons again. Steve and Laura also enjoy bicycling and running together. They like to travel to a new location and explore it in their own way, bicycling through San Diego and San Francisco, New York and Chicago. The list of explored territories will certainly continue to grow.
Eric Grosskreutz

Eric Grosskreutz

Eric began working at Acker Behl Accounting as an intern while simultaneously attending UW-Whitewater. He graduated from Whitewater in 2013 with an MPA, or Masters of Professional Accounting. In 2014, Eric joined Acker Behl Accounting (then Steve Dombrock & Co.) full-time.

Eric excels at accounting and loves the field because of its ability to see the “whole picture” of a business all in one. With many other fields, like marketing or sales for example, only a piece of the business is seen and understood. With accounting, however, Eric sees his clients’ businesses comprehensively and all-inclusively.

Eric enjoys spending his free time playing volleyball. He fell for the sport while at Whitewater, and now you can find him playing on leagues throughout the Milwaukee area – oftentimes on the same team with Julie and Karen.

Eric also practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu whenever he gets the chance. He served as UW-Whitewater’s president of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club while an undergraduate and continues to enjoy expanding his practice.
Linda Schrading

Linda Schrading

For Linda, accounting was always a natural fit. She discovered her knack for accounting while an undergraduate at Carroll University and has been using her gift ever since. She began her career in the manufacturing industry, working as a Controller for 18 years. She then transitioned into small business accounting and has since spent over ten years assisting clients with their tax and accounting services.

Linda and her husband, Craig, have three children between the two of them. Linda has two dogs, both Bichon mixes. She likes to spend time taking the dogs to local Waukesha dog parks. Linda is also a member of the Princeton Club. Linda and Craig enjoy vacationing and make sure to get away for at least one week of R&R each year.